Ways To Receive The Money


Refund Policy

We have safest way to transfer money to our Customers .

But we have some rules and regulations. 

We cannot send you less than $4,500 USD Or £4,500. GBP.

The money will be sent in your Card or Bank Account.

Once you receive the money in your Card or Bank Account,You need to keep your money and the rest of 

the  balance you need to send us back...

Submitting a request does guarantee a refund.

It might take a few hours to appear the refund on your bank statement.

Ways To Receive The Money


Bank transfer is the easiest way to receive money from our Company.

In the bank transfer, you will Recieve the money directly in your Checking account or Plastic Card without disclosing your information on the phone. In the bank transfer, you will Receive USD 4,500.00 or CAD,

or either GBP 4,500.00.

This is the least Limit to receive the money From a Business Account to Personal Account.

once, you receive the money, you need to keep your Refund Amount with you and you need to send the Remaining company's money to them Physically on that Particular day.


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